True Colors Creative goes to Michigan

The first question I always get is, why Michigan?? What’s in Michigan? Isn’t your roots in the Southwest? You don’t look like someone that could handle those cold winters.

My husband’s family is originally from Michigan, but lived in Phoenix for the past 25 years. In an attempt to move back, my in-laws bought a little roadside motel in the Thumb Coast of Michigan as a little retirement nesting egg. Last summer of 2021, my husband and I went to go visit the motel and his family and we fell in love with Lake Huron and the lifestyle of Michigan. And guess what, I guess wedding season in Michigan so happens to line up with Las Vegas’s brutal summer season and my inevitable slow season.

This had me thinking why not try True Colors Creative in Michigan during the summer! Why not try out what this photo and video business would look like out there. See what the wedding season is really like in Michigan especially in this area of the thumb coast…. And that’s what I did.

I reached out to all the wedding venues in the area like St Clair Inn and CityFlats Port Huron. Got friendly with the locals and hung out at some great bars like Cadillac House and 3 North Vines.

I travelled around and experienced other parts of Michigan like Traverse City,

took a stop in the Lansing area for a styled shoot…

and checked out the area (cause it is the capital of Michigan)

and cruised through Bay City for another styled shoot and had the chance to check this area out too!

To be honest, it was kind of a slow summer, but very enjoyable. Of course I have missed my husband, my animals, my family, friends, and VEGAS! The environments are so different!

But it’s funny how life works, as soon as you set another intention, it’s as if the universe hears you and changes it up on you. As soon as I started to make plans to head back to Vegas early in mid August, an opportunity came knocking at the door that seemed promising.

This opportunity came around and guess what, I am now commissioned by the Blue Water Tourism board to work on creating content for the Thumb Coast! It’s a promising opportunity to network with others, get my name out, explore the area even more, and do some actual work, plus they may want to continue on to next summer!

Which looks like Michigan summers will be a thing for me!

Don’t worry, I will be back and forth between Michigan and Vegas during the summers and throughout the year. And we are definitely not ready to leave Vegas just yet.

For me, it’s exciting to be able to try something new in a different area that is completely the opposite of what Vegas is. For now, this looks like this may actually work out for my family, to be millennial snow birds and be able to spend summers in the Midwest and the rest of the time in the Southwest.

What’s the point of living life, if you’re always trying to make the plans, but never do it!

Wish me luck on this new journey 🙂




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