A Winter Stay at Dead Horse Point State Park

While in the Moab area, there are a lot of great accommodations for RV’s, tent campers, and hotel stays. However, Dead Horse Point SP was a great option for us for our first stay in the Moab area but we learned a lot about it’s locations and some of drawbacks during a winter stay. Let’s start with the Pros.


The campsite was quiet and not busy during the winter. We stayed at Campsite 50 at the Wingate Campground for 4 night, 5 days and there was probably five other campers that came and went while we were there. There was one or two nights that we were the only campers there.

For the RV/Travel Trailer camper, there are electric sites and a dump station. Also, the campsites are pretty large and spread out. There’s a campfire, a table, and awning covering which I am sure is great during the summer.

There are so many great hiking trails and beautiful viewpoints in the area. Starting with Dead Horse itself, there’s a loop around Dead Horse Point (that we missed this time around). Canyonlands is a ten minute drive from the state park. Also, there are plenty of BLM trails in the surrounding area.

Since it is a state park, dogs are allowed on the campground but also are allowed on the trails. So it was great for some early morning hikes with Parker. I do recommend keeping an eye on where your dog is walking. There are some prickly plants that are along the trails.


They winterize the park during the off season. This means that the turn off all the water during the winter time. Dead Horse Point SP trucks in their water, so we assume during the off season when it is not busy, they probably save money and do not truck in the water during the winter time. The only available water are water bottle fillers.

Unfortunately, we were unaware and had to go into town and fill up some jugs of water; which there are a couple of campgrounds that are willing to. Also, the SP office will give you a list of resources as well.

If you are interested in spending more of your time in Moab, I do recommend staying in town. It is probably a 30 – 45 minute drive between the state park and the center of town. If you are planning on spending more of your time at Arches, spending time on the Moab trails, or spending time in town, there are plenty of campgrounds closer to the park.

Overall, it was a great campsite and we really enjoyed our stay. It was extremely quiet. Also, it is an International Dark Sky Park, on a clear night, you can see all of the stars. Unfortunately, for us, we stayed during a full moon, so my dark sky photos were kind of shot.

If you do plan on enjoying all that Moab offers, we really recommend to spend half of your time at Dead Horse Point SP so you can explore Dead Horse, Canyonlands, and possibly some of the surrounding BLM land. And then, traveling into Moab and staying at one of the campgrounds or a hotel/motel in Moab to explore Arches, the Moab trails, and all the delicious restaurants and cool stores in town.




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